If you’re ready to move past the torturous fear of starting a conversation with someone you don’t know (yet), stop feeling alone in a crowd and  embrace your Quiet Person strengths for the sake of your business, here’s how we can work together.

The Quick Start Program gives you the very basics of preparing for and going to networking events in just two phone sessions. You may find this program useful when you’re getting ready for a specific networking event, such as an upcoming conference. Or you can take and apply the information to any of your regular weekly or monthly events, such as association breakfasts, Meetup events, or business after hours. Find out more on the Quick Start page.

The Confident Connections Program provides you with six months of on-going coaching and accountability for attending events on a regular basis. You might have to push yourself hard to make it to one event. But you go and you do it. And then you think, “Ok, done! Don’t have to do that again any time soon!” The problem is your business doesn’t benefit from random and sporadic networking. So when you need someone to push you to go to events every week or every other week, this is the program that holds your feet to the fire. See all the details on the 6-Month Accountability Program page (once it’s up, which it’s not yet. In the meantime, if this sounds interesting, shoot me an email or set up a call and I’ll share more info.)

The WingWoman Program lets you bring me with you to events, to help you meet and start conversations with other attendees. I’ll hold your hand (ok, not literally!) and guide you through how to break into a group conversation, ask interesting questions and gracefully excuse yourself to move on to the next person.

If you want to hop on the phone for a few minutes and chat about what’s going on for you, pick a time through my calendar here. I look forward to talking with you!