You Were Born for Greatness

I believe we were born for greatness. Life is meant to be joyous!

Sometimes you forget this. Or your vision gets cloudy.

There are obstacles or challenges. You get angry or frustrated.

You’re into your 40s and 50s and beyond.

You used to be so full hope. Remember those days?

Today you think, “If it hasn’t “happened” by now though, what’s the use?”

You can’t see miles down the road, so you are afraid to take the next step.

Can’t I just sit here for a while and rest?

And then the mean voices creep in. You start believing them. Thinking they’re speaking truth.

Who do you think you are? You don’t have what it takes. This dream isn’t for you.

It’s too late for transformation.

But they’re lying.

Why do you give them more credence than the truth?

Isn’t that weird, that you do that?

Start questioning those doubts.

Tap into your internal truth. You wouldn’t even HAVE those dreams, those ideas if they weren’t meant for you. If they weren’t possible.

Find external voices who echo your truth. Mentors, coaches, supporters who cheer you on.

Who are yours?

If you need one, I’m here. I’d love to hear your dreams.

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