Go from rooted in anxiousness to grounded in serenity no matter what

It’s possible…

You CAN transform
from chaos to peace.

Next Cohort Starts Soon!

If you're SAYING everything's FINE...

But inside you feel tremendous emotional and physical exhaustion and constant, unrelenting stress… it’s time to say F*ck Being Fine. 

This life-changing program gives you the strategies, tools, and encouragement to create new habits that will help you feel more calm, focused, and clear-headed no matter your circumstances.  

Each session, we focus on a specific part of the curriculum designed to shift your outlook, habits, and behaviors. I share research and time-tested tactics that have worked for me and scores of others who’ve felt exactly like you do.

I don't want you to waste ONE. MORE. MINUTE feeling like your hair's on fire!

Transformation can happen quickly when you’re committed to it.

If you’re SO SO tired of FINE (but NOT fine!)… And you want the ability to handle any situation with grace, this is the program you’re looking for.

The next cohort starts soon. The program runs for 1 hour a week for 10 weeks. Message me to get on the list. 

Each week, you’ll get exercises to practice. Some will take you an hour of concentrated time in one sitting and others will require 10-15 minutes a day and some you’ll do throughout the week as the occasion arises. We’re creating new habits and that takes time to instill. I promise they’ll be totally worth it!

Kevin O’Brien, from cohort 1, told me, “every conversation I have is different now. I’m always looking for the positive. This is definitely rewiring my brain!”

The outside world wants your attention though. It throws FEAR and DOUBT and JUDGEMENT at you. Or subtly sneaks it in while you’re enjoying your mid-afternoon cherry flavored Greek yogurt, so you don’t notice what it’s doing. 

Don’t let those negative emotions win!

Now is the time for tapping into who you are at your core and finding a way to breathe easier. 

Oh, and no pressure or anything, but you lowering your stress and raising your level of happiness is the only way things in your world specifically – and our world as a whole – are going to get better.

Are you ready for...

⇒ A newfound appreciation for everything you already have in life.

We’ll work together to increase your awareness because it’s likely you’ve been working on auto-pilot for a very long time. We’ll examine what’s working and what’s not. That will give you the ability to decide what you want to keep and where you want to make changes to get better results. BTW, YOU decide what to change. I ask you questions to help you uncover what feels right for you. Don’t worry that I will “convince” you to leave your marriage or quit your job or move across the country. That’s not my place. YOU make your own decisions – big or small – I am only here to guide and support you.

⇒ A sense of freedom.

After our sessions, you’ll feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. You’ll be able to breathe easier, maybe for the first time in decades.

⇒ A return to feeling like YOU again.

Many people I’ve worked with feel like they’ve lost themselves over the years. They’re no longer sure of who they are or what they enjoy. As ridiculous as it sounds, most can’t answer the question of “what is fun for you?” (Trust me, I’ve been there!) It’s a serious issue with dire consequences. We’ll find the answers.

⇒ A reason to get out of bed in the morning.

What is your purpose? Why are you here? Do you even matter? Those persistent, tormenting questions that plague your mind every day are draining the life out of you. Let’s find answers so you can wake up with a newfound energy and excitement.

⇒ A sense of clarity around what to do next.

Regardless of which area of your life you choose to focus on, you’ll come away with a positive starting point and a set of action steps to move from here to there.

⇒ Accountability.

It’s easy to tell yourself you’re going to do x, y, and z and not follow through. When you don’t, you rationalize that it doesn’t matter because you were the only one who knew; it’s not like your letting anyone else down. Ooof, that’s SO damaging because you’re letting yourself down. You’ve done it so many times, you don’t trust yourself anymore. (And who can blame you?!) I will hold your feet to the fire, so to speak, and keep you on track so you don’t disappoint yourself again.

⇒ Encouragement and support.

At the same time, I’ll be your biggest cheerleader and I’ll hold your hand. Because often you also need someone to believe in you before you can believe in yourself.

⇒ Courage and confidence.

One of my mentors says, “confidence is the belief in your ability to figure things out.” YES! We will work together on strengthening that belief. And then courage is the ability to take the necessary actions, even when you’re scared.

Ultimately, you get to feel calm and grounded no matter what’s going on around you

How do I know you’ll get all this?

Because I’ve done this before. Over the years, I’ve worked with people just like you to help guide and inspire them across this “tightrope,” from over there to over here. 

Truthfully, I’ve BEEN there myself. So I KNOW how it feels. I know the anxiety, the fear, the doubt. I can totally relate. 

And I’ve worked with coaches and mentors and teachers who’ve helped me cross the chasm when it feels impossible. 

Friends are friends and thank God for them. But they are not unbiased and objective the way a good coach is.  

What Others Say About Their Experience

Debbie Kaufmann testimonial

Let's talk about exactly how we go about finding your CALM.

The F*ck Being Fine Experience is a small group program presented over 8 weeks. It’s divided into three parts, what I call the Trilogy for Success™.

The first focus is Gratitude. Gratitude is an emotion, a feeling of happiness, that comes with recognition and awareness. Through gratitude, you build resilience, strength, and health.

Next we concentrate on Connections. There are several types of connections, including those with your deepest self, family, friends, and community. Humans are designed to connect, so a loss of connection is almost like a death-sentence (and no, I’m not being overly dramatic here!).

And then you have Courage. Everyone says they want to change, but no one wants to do the work. Not necessarily because they’re lazy. But because it’s scary. Courage is like a muscle. The more you engage it, the stronger it gets and the better it serves you.

Incorporating Positive Intelligence (based on the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience, cognitive and positive psychology, and performance science), we’ll rewire your brain to stop sabotaging your efforts and start reinforcing the habits and supporting the choices you prefer.

If you’re tired of feeling unfulfilled, unmoored, and uninspired and you’re ready to say F*ck Being Fine, jump into this Program today because…

  • The next cohort starts soon
  • Private clients pay $5,000 for this same program. You can get in on this next group for only $2997.
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Did I mention the amazing BONUS of the Staying Calm in Chaos program you get along with ALL this other goodness?! 

That ALONE is valued at $97! 

If you’ve been waiting for things in your life to change, know that nothing changes until YOU change. The time is now and your opportunity is here. 💖