Make Time to Judge the Worth of Your Day

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How do you judge if your day was worthwhile?

I never used to consider that question.

Partly because when I was younger, I took for granted there would be plenty more days ahead.

But mostly because it never even crossed my mind.

Now that I have more life experience – and one of my parents has passed away – I see the days differently.

Throughout the day, I look for opportunities to use my talents, skills, and expertise.

I count the connections I make with new and existing friends, clients, and contacts.

I evaluate the number of problems I solved.

At the end of the day, I focus on the gratitude I feel for all those moments.

In case you’re not aware, one of the problems I solve for people who sell services is not using your core values as an indicator for making decisions that bring joy into your life. To make your days worthwhile.

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