It's time to change FINE to FANTASTIC... LORI SAITZ-2


When I was a child, my report cards regularly included notes such as, “Lori is very bright but she needs to learn how to speak up in class.” Sure, I was plenty talkative around family and good friends, but if we were out shopping and I needed to find a bathroom, my mom could never persuade me to “ask that lady over there where it is.” You can imagine my surprise when I was chosen by my 6th grade teacher to be Captain of the Safety Patrols. Ah, the first clue leaders don’t have to be loud and outgoing.

I remained pretty quiet throughout high school. And then moments after my parents drove away after dropping me off at American University, I headed straight for the campus television station. First semester, I auditioned for, and got, a weekly show on the campus radio station. For the first two years of college, I was a broadcast major. (Yes, there’s more to this story of why I changed my focus.)

Several years later, I actually worked as an on-­air radio personality in South Florida. And, little known fact, I still do voice over work if you ask nicely and pay well.

Fast forward to 2003. I launched Zen Rabbit Baking Company and introduced the world to The Gratitude Cookie.

Today, I’m working in my Zone of Genius helping my clients learn to be calm and grounded no matter what’s going on around them.

I’m currently a member of Success Champion Networking. I’ve also recently been a member of the executive women’s organization Her Corner and involved with the National Speakers Association.

I have served as a pre-GED teacher and an adult literacy tutor and am a strong proponent for increasing literacy worldwide.

When I’m not working with clients or speaking on a stage, you can find me in the weight room at the gym. I also love Thai food, classic rock music, and baking, (although making Gratitude Cookies happens very rarely anymore). I currently live in northern Virginia.



Over the past decade Lori has had the honor to share her gift with the following organizations.

  • AARP
  • NAIOP Commercial Real Estate Development Association
  • Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild Conference 
  • AFP (Association of Fundraising Professionals)
  • Women in International Security
  •  The Brookings Institution
  • Women’s Impact Network
  • University of Maryland’s Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship
  • The Universities at Shady Grove
  • Women in Technology
  • The Power Conference
  • Women in Marketing
  • Empowered Women International
  • Insperity
  • Argenta Field Solutions
  • Badass Business Summit

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