How to finally reach your goals in less time, without working harder, even if you cant quiet your puppy mind

The highest performing business leaders and athletes all use this technique because studies have shown it’s like setting a GPS for your brain.

The reason meditation hasn’t worked for you before is…

Your mind has been left with too much room to wander aimlessly.

You end up with “puppy mind,” where a million thoughts run through your mind and hijack your sense of zen calm.

When the directions are simply “think of a time when…” Or “picture yourself in your ideal situation…”

Your brain doesn’t have enough specific direction and tends to start serving up all kinds of thoughts and worries. You’re quickly off task and not getting any of the benefits of visualizing what you really want. 

Hear Tracy’s Experience

While someone else’s results don’t guarantee your own, it’s also true that if someone else is having success using this tool, then it’s possible you can too.

Whether you’re looking for…

  • a sense of calm or increased focus,
  • improved relationships, or
  • manifesting a car, a job or a house, or anything else 

a meditation that’s created just for you can move you closer to achieving your goal. 

A custom-created meditation solves that problem because…

The experiences, events, feelings, and future desires are YOURS. Your brain is hearing, remembering and visualizing exactly what you WANT it to picture. Your mind is not trying to conjure up images. It’s being told precisely what to think about – in your own words.

Essentially, you’re setting a GPS for your mind. Then, as you go through your day, your mind is continuously looking for ways to bring those things into reality. People, resources and opportunities just start showing up for you, seemingly out of nowhere!

And See What Others Say…

I did it tonight and love it! I've never had a personal meditation before. The naming of certain experiences brought a smile to my face and kept my mind focused on my goals.
Deborah Ager
What you created for me feels like this abundance of love and this roadmap to self love. It’s really something special and so needed for me, and dare I say, MANY. You incorporated everything I noted, like this perfect tapestry of my life. It’s helping me realize all that I DO have to be thankful for in my life.
Sara Becker
This meditation was exactly what I needed today after experiencing some stresses. I even loved how the experience slowly ended. I'm a believer and anyone would be blessed to spend a part of their day with your meditation. 
Megan Snellings

Listen to a sample

Of course you can’t make a decision until you hear my voice and decide whether or not you like it. Not every voice works for every person. And that’s ok. Here’s a sample clip.

What to do next

After you place your order, you’ll get to a questionnaire page. You’ll be prompted to share experiences, feelings, and dreams – including things…
1. you’re grateful for having received in the past
2. you are currently grateful to have in your life
3. you’d like to bring into existence

Others who’ve gone through this process have found it valuable to hop on a 15-minute phone call with me to go through these questions. I can often help you recall events or come up with just the right phrasing to make your meditation even more powerful. 

So you’ll also find a link to schedule a complimentary call on that page as well. 

Once I have your information, I can get to work crafting your personalized meditation. You can expect to receive it in within just a few days. Meditations are typically 15-20 minutes long. 

Place Your Order

Once you make your payment, you’ll see the questionnaire that collects all your information so I can create your custom meditation. You’ll also receive an email with a link to the questionnaire so you can come back to it later. PLUS, you can book a complimentary 15-minute call with me to go through these questions so we can make sure your meditation is as powerful as possible. 

Single Meditation

One-Time Purchase

See how you like it before committing to more.


Single Meditation

Single Meditation

One-Time Purchase

See how you like it before committing to more.

  • Get one fully customized gratitude meditation.Get one fully customized gratitude meditation.

(save $150!)


3-Pack of Meditations

Plan for success! As you achieve your goals and manifest your desires, you’ll want to update your meditation. 

$750  (save $150!)

3-Pack of Meditations

3-Pack of Meditations

Plan for success! As you achieve your goals and manifest your desires, you'll want to update your meditation.

  • Get one fully customized gratitude meditation and two additional, updated meditations over the course of a year.

(save $300!)