57. (S2E21) Achievement as a Love Language with Dr. Liz DuBois

My guest today is Dr. Liz DuBois. Our conversation covers a lot of ground – from being raised in a church that taught her who she is, was not ok, to her quest to find a world with more diversity and acceptance. From the similarities between addicts and high achievers, and how it’s a combination of belief systems and brain chemistry driving them. To owning and investigating your pain instead of keeping it buried deep inside. 

For the past 14 years, Dr Liz DuBois has worked with high performers, entrepreneurs, and C-suite executives to navigate interpersonal, professional and business-related challenges. Using Conflict Analysis and Resolution tools and her intuitive skills, she empowers her clients to address trauma, codependency and self-worth issues so they can create world-changing companies. 

Hey I launched the inaugural small group F*ck Being Fine program a couple weeks ago. And it’s going really well! 

Here’s an email I got from one of the participants before the first week was even finished… 

I am finding when I focus on the day’s tasks, I am not overwhelmed and this brings confidence, peacefulness and a sense of power over the day.

I’m so proud of all of them for taking the time and making their well-being a priority. There’s so much more to come during this 8 week program. 

If you’re interested in radically increasing your productivity, energy & happiness while staying calm & grounded no matter what, you can get in on the next group. It starts in a few weeks. Find out more at ZenRabbit.com or text me at 571.317.1463.

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