63. (S2E27) Less Busy, More Intentional with Sedruola Maruska

Today’s awesome guest is Sedruola Maruska. She brings such an amazing energy to this conversation – and to her life overall. We’re talking about questioning the rules of your upbringing and growing into your own person. Being intentional with your time and what happens when you say NO to people who just want to be nice to you.

Sedruola Maruska is a social justice, equity, inclusion and diversity consultant and coach. She hosts the award-winning podcast Diversity Dish, and she’s a speaker and aspiring author.

Her passion is helping business leaders cultivate cultures of equity and inclusion, so they can attract the diverse partnerships they desire and mitigate their risk of seeming out of touch. Sedruola is a second generation Haitian-American, a wife and a mother who prides herself on having an amazing extended family network and being a citizen of the world born in Queens, New York.

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Sedruola’s hype songs are:

Waka-Waka by Shakira and I Feel Better When I’m Dancing by Meghan Trainer

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