66. (S2E30) The Minister of Dance with Karen Oeser

Energized is seemingly Karen Oeser’s natural state, as you will hear. A big part of Karen’s story is about turning trauma into triumph. It’s pretty cool to hear a revelation she gets in real time, as we’re talking, about a past incident. I love when this happens on the show!

Karen’s also sharing her journey through several serious health conditions that she’s managed through alternative modalities. There’s a big focus on a favorite topic of gratitude in this one too. And how to use it – as well as some other techniques – to make yourself instantly feel better and raise your vibration. Plus how to then multiply blessings and send their positive energy out into the world.

A passionate financial literacy advocate, Karen bridges the skills gap between financial advisors and their female clients and prospects. She’s also a dream igniter who uses dance to help people wake up their inner passions so they can overcome their mind blocks and step into financial freedom.

Today’s episode is sponsored by Zen Rabbit. If you’d like to find peace of mind amidst the chaos and no matter what’s going on around you, get on a complimentary call with me. In less than 30 minutes, you’ll get insight on any issue you’d like to bring to the table. And you’ll leave the conversation with clarity and renewed energy. Find the booking link HERE. Or text me at 571.317.1463.

Karen’s hype song is Gonna Fly Now – Rocky Orchestra

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[00:00:00] Lori Saitz: Woohoo. And welcome to fine is a four letter word. My guest today is Karen AER. Welcome to the show, Karen.

[00:00:16] Karen Oeser: Thank you. I'm so happy here. I love your show. And I'm so privileged that you've asked me to be a

[00:00:22] Lori Saitz: I love it. This is, this is the precursor to what I know is coming next is as far as this conversation, I love it. I love it. And then right,

[00:00:32] Karen Oeser: Exactly. I brought my energy girl.

[00:00:34] Lori Saitz: listening to your hype song, which we'll get to at the end, but that's what got you pumped up today. Very nice

[00:00:43] Karen Oeser: it's

[00:00:44] Lori Saitz: jumping right

[00:00:44] Karen Oeser: the whole time. I got my background music.

[00:00:47] Lori Saitz: what were the values and beliefs that you were raised with that contributed to making you, who you became as a young.

[00:01:02] Karen Oeser: Oh my God. What a perfectly phrased question. Wow. I was just talking about that this weekend. I was actually originally gonna approach this a different way, but I'm gonna take this another way. So, because one of the things is my son was coming up with the issue. He's really, really mad at his brother. And he is like, mom, I can't stand this.

What should I do? And I said, you know what? I'm gonna tell you about blaming people effectively. and one of the things you do when you blame effectively is you think about how somebody pissed you off so much, where they brought you to their knees, that it really made you dig deep into who you are and, and what makes you tick.

And then you get to thank them. Thank you so much for being such a jerk. you that, that now I know who I am because I wasn't dependent on your opinion anymore. I had to go into myself. I wasn't dependent on it anymore. So all I'm asked to say is I was, I had a lot of things to blame effectively growing up.

and that is, yeah. Yeah. So that's why it's kind of a backdoor question, an answer to your question. But the thing is that there's a lot of negativity in my house, you know, and one of the things I've been talking about a lot is. what I, what I do in my business is I really help people overcome their money blocks and think about, you know, where did I get these money messages?

Or where did I give up my dreams or, or all of that. So one of the things I do is I think go back to what were the things that you heard as a child that aren't serving you? Well, like, for example, for me is my father is somebody who didn't use money wisely. In fact, he used it to her and used people. So I made a vow as a, as a young girl to.

If that's what bringing money into my life looks like I never wanna hang onto it. So here I am, 25 years in the business, you know, rising, you know, I even crashed through the glass ceiling. It was an amazing career. I couldn't save my money to save my life. I, I, and it wasn't until I left the industry and started to explore what mattered to me and what was important to me is then I realized that's where the origin of it. And so, and so there are lots of these messages that I grew up with. You know, one of the things girls can't do math. So what do I do? I have a financial literacy company. There are all these things that, that for years I, I hated on my dad just to, you know, call it for what it is. I was angry at him. I was like, how dare this?

You know, I see all my friends, daddy's little girl, all that other stuff. I didn't, that, that, wasn't my story. but what's happened is I've been able to re to, to, to reframe that energy and to turn it in, you know, cuz one of my catch phrases is turning trauma into triumph. And so that's what I like to do with it is that I try to every message that I get that comes into my consciousness because one of the things I started to do too, is that I don't, I don't force what truth needs to.

Into my path at that moment, because that's a lot of times when, if you're not ready for a truth, it could actually do you more harm sometimes. And so that's one of the ways I I've really been able to honor saying, okay, God, what

[00:04:08] Lori Saitz: I

[00:04:08] Karen Oeser: I need today?

[00:04:10] Lori Saitz: something, if you're not

[00:04:11] Karen Oeser: And what am I gonna do about

[00:04:13] Lori Saitz: up or do you won't even recognize that if you're not ready for it? Hmm.

[00:04:23] Karen Oeser: well, what happens is you'll get angry with it. If it does come. you know, and so sometimes what happens is, you know, a really good thing that has been, I've been is kind of a pattern that I've been noticing. You know? Cause a lot of times I was angry that a door sh you know, closed in my face. I'm like, those were my people I thought, you know, and you get the whole mean girl, you know, thing.

Right. And, and it's like, what's, what's this going on? What's this all about? Then I realized like, oh my God, I was saved from something I wasn't ready for, or a group that wasn't my right people. I am so grateful for that. And so. And so that's when I stopped chasing truth, because the truth, because what happens is you have your idea what truth should be.

So, you know, our we're designed, you know, us as humans, the way our

[00:05:09] Lori Saitz: Mm-hmm right, right. What you

[00:05:11] Karen Oeser: brain, go look for

[00:05:12] Lori Saitz: you will find more

[00:05:13] Karen Oeser: for assholes, you're gonna find assholes. Right? Our brain guys are well on truth. Exactly. Exactly. And so, um, you know, so when you're focusing on, I I've decided what truth I'm trying to justify.

That's what gets us in trouble. Cuz then we fall into, this is what I call it. Expectations, gap, cuz I had this

[00:05:34] Lori Saitz: Yeah, I wanna, I wanna

[00:05:35] Karen Oeser: like. I fallen a hole. Now I hate

[00:05:37] Lori Saitz: I'm always talking about using meditation, for example, or whatever tool you choose to use to get quiet enough to hear your own inner truth. Now that inner truth, which is your intuition is different. I, I feel like it's different than what you're talking about as this is what I believe to be my truth, but.

It's uh, an expectation that you've created. It may not be your deep, inner voice truth. There's a differentiation there.

[00:06:12] Karen Oeser: Oh, you know, I, I, yeah. Yeah. You're absolutely right. And, and thinking a little bit more about that is, um, part of it is. know, we're creative for community, we're creative for, to have other people in our lives. They, they have a truth that needs to come to us often, or we see somebody's experience. And we see ourselves in that that then reveals a truth that we're ready to see.

But what, but when you're chasing a truth, you know, and as often comes from hurt, you know, is you're trying to justify while you're hurt, you know, go through all your angry feelings. And we spend so much time trying to chase a, a truth. I say it, air

[00:06:47] Lori Saitz: Yeah,

[00:06:48] Karen Oeser: you know, a truth to justify that. And then we will find it. Versus it's like, what truth do I need today?

[00:06:56] Lori Saitz: So I feel like your definition of truth or your use of the word truth. Here is more of, uh, what am I looking for? Um, I'll have this part edited.

[00:07:15] Karen Oeser: God. I, I think I know what you're I think, you know, and, and you're right. And I actually, you know, this is great, cuz you're actually pointing out because I actually mean it in two ways, even though I'm using in a singular way, it's kinda like the, you know, you and you is a singular or plural cuz we do, we all have our inner truth.

Who are we? Who are we created

[00:07:31] Lori Saitz: Well, that's the truth that

[00:07:32] Karen Oeser: But if we only have that in a vacuum,

[00:07:34] Lori Saitz: are at. Your core is a truth that doesn't change what we're talking about here.

[00:07:44] Karen Oeser: But we're talking about your conscious level though, right? It's you have your truth inside, but it's how it gets processed in your

[00:07:53] Lori Saitz: that's more your ego speaking, cuz you're looking for a justification of what you believe you want to bring into your world or what you believe you deserve to have or the way you see things going. It's like, Hey, this was the path I thought I was supposed to be on.


[00:08:18] Karen Oeser: Right. Exactly. And so, and so you have all these barriers, you know, I'm, you know, I'm kind of like looking at my heart and thinking of my head when my conscious is my head and my heart is my inner truth. We have all these barriers between, you know, they say the in,

[00:08:31] Lori Saitz: yeah. Yeah. Actually, and I've been working with a. On energy healing and, and shockers and stuff. And she, I was just looking over some notes the other day and she was saying how, how the percent, I can't remember now it was like 72% or something, a lot, um, of the messages that come to you never make it from your heart to your head.

They only 82. Okay. Thank you. Great.

[00:09:01] Karen Oeser: It's actually 82. Yeah, it's true. And so that's, that's why I've spent a lot of, you know, I, I had a lot of trauma, um, that happened, you know, that, you know, I was in a traumatic car accident in 2014 and that was kind of like my aha moment where it's like, it's almost, I actually seen as I'm speaking to you, like, it's, it's like this truth bomb started shaking in my heart when I happened.

Cuz there was a piece of me that knew that I needed to sit still. But all these barriers that I put up kept me from that truth. So it's like, I knew there was a truth in there that that was just dying to

[00:09:37] Lori Saitz: right, right.

[00:09:38] Karen Oeser: But I had, I was, you know, I was living outta my intellect

[00:09:43] Lori Saitz: which a lot

[00:09:44] Karen Oeser: my world was defined by my intellect.

So that was a safe place to live

[00:09:47] Lori Saitz: think that our intellect is what is the reality. And so we spend all this time doing all the things that our head tells us to do to change our outer world. When in reality, real reality. The only way to change what's happening in your outer world is to change the inner world, that to reach into your heart and to live from there before.

Yeah. Yeah, exactly. Okay. So you started talking about the

[00:10:17] Karen Oeser: As you believe. So it is. Yes.

[00:10:19] Lori Saitz: called fine, is the four letter word, is that where you were like, yeah, everything's fine in my world. And up until that point, like give me the, give me the story, the quick story between. You know, you grew up with these beliefs and then the car accident.

There's like a big span in there. Where, where was everything fine?

[00:10:38] Karen Oeser: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, absolutely. EV everything was fine. And in fact, you know, it's really interesting that. um, that was my catchphrase actually. And, and I, and I actually, you know, it's, it's it's wow. I just thought of a huge emotional moment right now that just really, it, it like planted a seat for the car accident.

As I think about it, I was, I was, I was in a terrible marriage and I was working in London in the time and he would come in for the weekend long weekends. We were doing a long distance marriage. I was in Bo, he was in Boston and I was in London and. um, wow. Whew. We're catching us something real time here.

So, um, so yeah, so he was, so once a month I would drop him off at the, at the, at the tube, at the train station to send him off to Gatwick airport. And I literally, I, I, I'm not kidding you. I literally put my hand over my face. Like I was pulling down a mask and I say, okay, game on. I'm fine. and everybody asked me, how am I?

I actually gave it the car accident, but that's when that's when it, there was a piece in my consciousness about that I was doing something actively, but at that time I didn't have the strength to do much about it. So I just, you know, I lived in that mask world and then I got in this car accident and I didn't the thing, what I'm realizing.

Oh, wow. What I'm realizing right now. I'm yeah, I'm, I'm, I'm a flower. So I'm flowing now. So. . Yeah. So what happened is I realized I literally did not have the strength to pull down the mask. That's what it was. I literally, cuz it got my spine. I was laying there in the car and I actually said, God, apparently you want me to sit still?

That was my first response. I got the memo. And in that moment I wasn't angry. I was actually grateful. Cause I'm like, because there's no other way. I would've gotten there and I got there and it got my attention. So I had made a decision at that point that I wasn't going to let this destroy me. I was gonna use this to grow me.

So I was on my back for 12 weeks and I gave me a lot of times where, you know, and, and I would never let anybody help me ever, cuz I had been self protecting and I was forced to learn how to. Because I didn't know how to receive. I had to be in control. You know, I, I grew up along, you know, as a lifelong Anex up until that point.

So that actually, you know, can that's about control, you know, living in your head, anorexic is all about living in your head to protect yourself. I didn't have the strength to, to fall into any of my vices

[00:13:25] Lori Saitz: what?

[00:13:27] Karen Oeser: and the after the car accident. I was to, you know, I, people were, you know, the food was coming in. I couldn't pull down the mask.

I couldn't, I couldn't push people away because even if I wanted to, I

[00:13:39] Lori Saitz: was pulled down after you dropped him off so that you showed that to the rest of the world or that's what you showed to him.

[00:13:54] Karen Oeser: No, to him. It's, it's, it's really actually interesting to him. he was somebody who, you know, basically didn't hear me, see me, understand me. So in my mind, I was invisible when he was around, but I was, I mean, I had an incredibly powerful job. One of the biggest banks in Switzerland, I actually was managing their most profitable product yet on the weekend.

It was every six week, every six weeks. I felt invisible for four days. And then. When it's like consciousness, I was like, I wanna be seen it's like, this is the mask I want them to see. Yeah. Yeah. And so, and so when I was laying there in the, the car accident is, you know, it was like, I didn't have the strength to even like, consciously think about being invisible or anything.

It just was actually, you know, wow. Putting it into words that a lot of people understand. It's almost like I was forced into present. I had to be present in that moment. Cause I didn't have the energy to fantasize future or live in the past. I was forced

[00:15:03] Lori Saitz: yeah. How those circumstances show up when you most need them.


[00:15:13] Karen Oeser: Absolutely. Absolutely. And so that's why, how can I get angry at that? It was

[00:15:18] Lori Saitz: right, because you have,

[00:15:20] Karen Oeser: although on paper, it looked like it.

[00:15:23] Lori Saitz: Practiced or somehow grasped the concept of becoming naturally grateful. So of course you saw the gratitude in that moment, but that's not that doesn't come naturally to everyone and I'm willing to bet it didn't come naturally to you throughout your whole life. You learned it somewhere along the way.

[00:15:50] Karen Oeser: well, not, not only did I. Have that naturally my, my Mo and of course I was an analyst financial analyst. What do you do? You're trained to look for problems by I was in a profession that trained me to live in my vice. And so I was able to look at

[00:16:10] Lori Saitz: what was it? That got you to the point where you were able to see gratitude, cuz it, when the accident it was, it must have been before the accident, right? Because you're saying when you were in the accident, you immediately went to gratitude.

[00:16:29] Karen Oeser: Well, you know, it's really interesting because I I've always attributed it to that moment, but you're right, because there was a seed there that was being watered basically. that's kind of what, what you're suggesting, which it probably was, you know, I don't, at that point, I wasn't around a lot of people like that, but I've, I've, I've got this, you know, thing in me, like it's like, I've got an extra special ability to find gratitude.

And in fact, you know, a lot of my friends call

[00:17:02] Lori Saitz: Yeah, we have that in common

[00:17:04] Karen Oeser: me the worst situation and I will find a blessing in it. Uh, you know, did you, did you. yeah. You know, did you see born identity? Oh my gosh. You have to see it, especially after I tell you this, but basically what he does is, um, literally he can go anywhere and he can just like, you know, go and, and look, look at he's basically he is assassin is what he is.

Um, but what he can do in order to be a really good assassin, you have to be able to not be distracted by anything around, be laser focused. And so you could be in a crowd of a million people, but you see your target and that's all you. and so, and so it's like, when I look at things, it it's with that ability, but I look for blessings and, and it comes so naturally to me.

I literally can't help myself. I mean, it's like, you know, some people kind of have like the O C D I need to clean my house, or I need to do that. I do that with

[00:17:58] Lori Saitz: I completely understand that because

[00:18:00] Karen Oeser: I do it. I'm just doing it on the

[00:18:01] Lori Saitz: And I didn't used to, but now I have the ability, like my friends call it. I forget I was talking to one of 'em a couple years ago and she had, they had, she was with another friend of her, somebody, I don't know. And they had car issues. It wasn't an accident, but they had car issues as they were driving and they were all angry cuz they had to stop at the service center and she.

[00:18:23] Karen Oeser: Yeah.

[00:18:24] Lori Saitz: Kind of channeled me. She told me she was channeling me, trying to find the gratitude for this situation because right, this is what I do. This is what I talk about all the time. I'm always saying to on social media or wherever, Hey, if you can't find the gratitude for whatever situation you're looking at right now, set up, set up a call with me, cuz I will find it for you.

[00:18:49] Karen Oeser: Absolutely.

[00:18:50] Lori Saitz: It is.

[00:18:54] Karen Oeser: And it's fun. It's joy. I mean, it, I it's, it's a game it's so much fun and you know, and the other big things I've learned, and this is a, you know, a reason why I don't carry any anger, anything about, you know, the, the people have come in my path path in the past is because as humans, we learn by point of contrast and we are experiential people and we watch case studies.

We observe. So. It's in order to understand this blessing that I had. I was in such a, it it's almost like equidistant, right? What, whatever you become deep in, most people experience the opposite of it, which is why, you know, you, you have somebody who has died of, you know, uh, you know, cancer or, or, you know, a kid with drug addiction or something.

They be, people become that becomes their mission in trying to help that. But it's. You know, if somebody who hasn't dealt with drugs tries to help you with drug addiction, people won't hear from 'em cuz it's like, until you've walked in my shoes, I can't hear you. You can't, we cuz we all wanna be, feel seen, heard, and understood.

And so to have that power and to have that impact and that passion it's, it's part of how it's almost by design that we've had a point of contrast. And cuz what you find is that people have had the worst of the worst. Tend to be the most powerful in terms of the blessing in terms of finance and stuff, because it was like the, like I said, I see it almost like I'm seeing like at a rainbow, as I'm speaking to, you know, it's like

[00:20:20] Lori Saitz: Yeah. And this is the importance of

[00:20:22] Karen Oeser: really appreciate the journey over that arc.

[00:20:24] Lori Saitz: so many people I've talked to too are embarrassed or. uh, don't feel like they are ready to share their story. They're afraid of being judged. And yet it's the sharing of that story. That's going to help others.

[00:20:45] Karen Oeser: You know, when you really go with the impact is, you know, I was, I was so happy because the same son who I had the conversation. Um, just a couple days ago. He's like, mom, thank you. So, so, so, so much for sharing that story with me, he's like, thank you for he's like I'm so God glad that God gave me you to be my guide to help me through this cuz he's 20 years old.

And then he says to me that, um, that he wants to, uh, the. He's he's, he's in, he's in a, in a, um, he's studying something. That's gonna be very, very lucrative and he has got a great business mind anyway. And so he says one of the reasons I wanna invest really well in all that is he says, because I wanna, you know, I wanna sew into other people.

I wanna serve the world. He's like, but mom, you know what? At the end of the day, if I have just made one person feel like their time on earth was worth it, he's like everything else is a victory. And I said, Tim, you are a. Wise boy, man, it's 20 years old to say that because when you think it's like, is that embarrassment, which will be over momentarily.

If I could have impacted somebody's life because they, they saw my story, their story in my

[00:21:54] Lori Saitz: So after the car accident,

[00:21:56] Karen Oeser: every.

[00:21:57] Lori Saitz: life got all rosy and you saw the light. What happened?

[00:22:06] Karen Oeser: No.

[00:22:07] Lori Saitz: know, I know this

[00:22:08] Karen Oeser: No, not exactly. No. I, I had quite a windy road because yes, exactly. So it happened after that. So the car accident was in August then, um, around,

[00:22:22] Lori Saitz: still in, in, were you still in London?

[00:22:24] Karen Oeser: better and then come the middle.

Oh, no, no, no. I, I, I, I,

[00:22:32] Lori Saitz: car accident in the us or was it over

[00:22:34] Karen Oeser: Carolina now, so I'm oh yeah, yeah, no, no, no, that, that,

[00:22:42] Lori Saitz: Oh, okay. I was, I was

[00:22:43] Karen Oeser: the London was in the, you know, late 1990s. So yeah, I said it currently been stateside. Yeah, no, no, no problem. Yeah. I've been stateside, you know, since, uh, year, 2000, so. so anyway, um, I got so around mid-January and, you know, and, and, you know, so my husband, I mentioned, we, you know, we are, we are in a terrible, terrible, terrible divorce.

It was ugly, ugly, ugly. And that, that was part of this whole awakening for me as well. And so about mid-January I was taking my oldest son to, um, his dad's house, which was our marital home. I got lost. I didn't know where I was. I started to lose my memory. And I had to get adult daycare and everything.

They didn't know what was wrong with me. And in fact, at one point they just thought I was crazy. And part of the thing was I started to lose a ton of weight. And so they all thought I'd relapse into anorexia. And so nobody believed me that something was going on and I eventually found out it was Lyme disease.

And, you know, and you know, but what the Lyme disease had taught me is with Lyme disease is when, whenever you have a flare, it can take you out for a. Or it could take you out for months and you often don't even have a warning. You just wake up. But again, it taught me to live in presence and it's like, okay, cuz I don't know tomorrow, if I'm going to be fine, unfortunately, you know, I'm in good shape.

And you know, we we're beyond that. But during that time had I not had that extreme experience, I wouldn't have had a chance to practice what I, you know, I had the car accident to experience it once it's like, I gotta practice. with, with, with the Lyme and then not long after that, I was diagnosed with third stage

[00:24:27] Lori Saitz: how deep did you need to learn this gratitude lesson?

[00:24:30] Karen Oeser: well, yeah, exactly.

You know? Well, exactly. So, uh, that's why, I'm glad I, you know, I got this whole blessing finder thing. It's a much happier way to live. And so, you know, during that. You know, it really came to terms like, am I afraid to die? It makes you come to terms with death and how do I feel about that? And it's like, well, I'm gonna either be, you know, be delivered, go to heaven.

I'm good with either outcome. So whatever my purpose is. And so that, that at that point was when I started to seek what is my. And so the two things kind of prepared me to like, it's like, what am I, who am I, you know, and, and all, all the things up from profession to who I am as character, you know, all thing, all aspects of it, you know?

And, and I did a ton of, and I actually did the, um, cancer treatments. Alternatively. And so, um, so I was really into energy healing. I did, you know, all, it was all alternative modalities. And so I've never, you know, I never had chemo or radiation or anything. And yeah. And so one of the things that you have is you have to get infusion a lot of infusions. And so you're getting vitamin C cuz you know, cancer is just about our body being outta homeostasis. So something is outta balance and our bodies were created to communicate with. You know, and, and that's actually, one of the reasons the doctor said I was crazy is when I was having issues with my liver and I said, I can feel my liver.

And they said, you don't have nerves in your liver. And I said, well, I don't care what you say. I can feel my liver and cuz I I'm really in tune. I can feel, you know, I can even feel if I think about it, I can feel my blood flowing. And so that's part, part of this stuff. And so that's also one of the things my body has been used as a way to communicate and talk to other people.

And so what happened is like getting, I was getting all those infusions and I was at an infusion center for three years. And when it first started, I was doing it five days a week. Then it was four days. And this went on for about five years. And what happened was during that time, I was able to share the story that I'm sharing with you over and over.

And so there'd be people, you know, had, you know, about five to eight chairs depending on which center I was at. And there were people who three years later came up and had the courage to ask me a question. Cause they're like, I've heard your story, but I've been quiet over here, but I have a question for you.

And it just, and it's like, well, if all these people got this healing

[00:27:04] Lori Saitz: to what you just said is

[00:27:05] Karen Oeser: this was

[00:27:06] Lori Saitz: that you never know who's listen. Even if they're quiet, they're lurking, they're still listening.

[00:27:19] Karen Oeser: Exactly in their learning. So do I wanna do do when somebody, when they're watching me, do I wanna teach 'em bitterness or do I wanna teach 'em a gratitude. And what, and what I know is because when you live in gratitude, as you know, is, is a as a student of

[00:27:33] Lori Saitz: it is an energetic vibration that you cannot.

[00:27:37] Karen Oeser: see that.

[00:27:38] Lori Saitz: have when you are in gratitude, you are in the highest vibration. That's just that's science. Of course.

[00:27:50] Karen Oeser: and then people wanna be around that because even if they can't. Their finger on it. They're like, so people are like, I want what you have. Tell me about it. You know, it's like, I can't even put my finger, you know, when I start talking, you know, a lot of times they get on an idea, but they're just

[00:28:05] Lori Saitz: they don't know necessarily why they feel good around

[00:28:07] Karen Oeser: wanna be around that.

[00:28:09] Lori Saitz: it's because you're at that you're vibrating at that higher level, but they don't necessarily know that they just know that they feel good when they are around you. And that when, so to the point of when you are in gratitude, whether you're around somebody who's grateful, like we are, or you are exuding it yourself, expressing it yourself, you will feel good.

So like for no other reason to practice gratitude, it just makes you feel good.

[00:28:44] Karen Oeser: You know, and not, I mean, something that I do just is kind of sport could almost say it is like, I'll go walk down the street and just smile and just walk down in gratitude. And it just like, I don't know. And, and also being comfortable with, I don't need to have affirmations that I made somebody feel good that day.

That was another one. It's like, I'm gonna trust who needed to receive my smile today was the one who was intended to receive my smile today. And if that other person wants to be grumpy and fine that's so be it. It's not, and I, I don't need that return to of affirmations, you know, it's nice cuz you get 'em and it's you.

Who doesn't like to have confirmations once in a while, but it's just fun to know that just being

[00:29:28] Lori Saitz: Are there practices

[00:29:29] Karen Oeser: do it

[00:29:29] Lori Saitz: implement every day? Uh, aside from walking down the street and smiling, do you have like a morning routine or an evening routine? What's what's that, that helps you stay in that high vibration?

[00:29:43] Karen Oeser: Yeah. Well, I I'm. Yeah, well, I'm a licensed minister of dance and so that's my prayer language. And so that's what I do every day. Um, I dance anywhere from, well, every morning I dance for about two hours and sometimes I tend not to dance so much at night, although in my mind and it's and a lot what I tell people, and I do this a lot when I do my challenges is I incorporate movement into everything because when we're moving, it's you can't be depressed when you're moving, just by moving your arms.

And every one of us. Um, our, our movements are as unique as our thumbprint. And when you get to know your body, you start being, you know, you, you really start to get to know yourself a little bit more and you can actually, you know how you do word associations. You're like, you know, say saying, clap and do it.

You can do that with movement and you can learn about yourself cuz I'm somebody who's a sprinter. I loved to go all. And I actually went to college on a, on a, on a track scholarship. I found out after doing this exercise, all my moves come out to sprinting moves. They're all sprinting muscle. That designed who I am.

And so, you know, and so what I do, and so often what I do is, you know, so just me, it's like, you know, just kind of me and God when I dance, but I'm open to whatever the day has for me. And it's like, God realign me to where I need to be today. And then I look over my schedule for the day and I, that's how I dance and I pray over like I dance and prayed over you this morning because it's like, whoever I come into contact today, I wanna bless them.

And may, whatever they need today comes their. and, and so that way I know, and, and sometimes I will just feel like I need, sometimes I'll call them and say, I really wanna let you know. And a hundred percent of the time I've responded to that, you know, internal, let them know 100% of the time they needed it.

And there were actually two people who are suicidal, who are like, thank you. You literally saved my life today. And that's part of, I don't care. They're like, even if you know, dancing, isn't my thing. I don't. but you know what, one day you're gonna, you know, you'll know that somebody cared enough to call in.

Actually I

[00:31:50] Lori Saitz: I love that. I have a friend Leanne who started at the beginning of the year. She created a calendar and so every day of the month, she has a different person. She prays for. My day is the 17th of the month. So on the 16th, she's typically messaging me, texting me, saying, okay, tomorrow's your day? What do you want me to pray for you about?

And I love that whole idea.

[00:32:18] Karen Oeser: yeah, it does. And it's like, you know, because I wanna be a multiplier, so it's like if I can dance for them and then each one of

[00:32:32] Lori Saitz: Absolutely.

[00:32:33] Karen Oeser: cuz I really believe when I bless you, you're gonna carry that blessing to bless somebody else. And. Again, that smile could create a hundred or a thousand smiles just by that one.

Smile. And for me, I know, you know, Dan says movement, you're creating energy. It flows, it puts things out in the atmosphere. And I just know I have faith. That's gonna get to who it needs to go to. And whatever I need to know in my

[00:32:56] Lori Saitz: Yeah. Yeah. It's like the butterfly

[00:32:58] Karen Oeser: I'll let the spiritual world do what the spiritual world does.

[00:33:01] Lori Saitz: Oh my gosh. I have so enjoyed talking to you. The energy of this conversation is through the roof. I love it. So now the question of course is what's, what's your go-to song for. That gets you hyped up. I mean, you're high energy to start with because you start your day with dance.

So what's your, what's your go-to song.

[00:33:25] Karen Oeser: Yeah, well, My go-to song get hiked up. And it has been since I was young is gonna fly now. And one of the cool things about it is my mom calls me her Firefly. And cuz she's like, you're always, you know, you're always on the go. You're curious. You

[00:33:44] Lori Saitz: If someone wants to

[00:33:45] Karen Oeser: so even my song is about

[00:33:47] Lori Saitz: about anything we talked about today, how do they re best reach you?

[00:33:57] Karen Oeser: The best way to reach me is on LinkedIn. And, um, and so Karen AER O E S E R and I'm the dream igniter is what I, I actually call myself on LinkedIn. And my email is, uh, karen@finnliteracyforher.com. That's like financial Finn literacy for her dot. and I am more than happy to talk to you and, uh, reach out in any way.

And also, um, one thing is I've written a book called mind of gold, a girlfriend's guide to financial freedom and it's on Amazon. And it's a lot of it is about finding your purpose because when you find your

[00:34:35] Lori Saitz: Very cool. I will put

[00:34:36] Karen Oeser: will line up with you

[00:34:38] Lori Saitz: in the show

[00:34:39] Karen Oeser: around which most people

[00:34:40] Lori Saitz: people can easily find you and find your song if they wanna listen to that too. Thank you so much for joining me today. I'm fine. Is a four letter word, Karen.

[00:34:50] Karen Oeser: abs. Oh, awesome. Thank you for having me. It's been great.

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