44. (S2E8) Meditation: New Potentials

This meditation is based on the New Potentials meditation in Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book Becoming Supernatural. It’s designed to take you beyond your SELF. Beyond your physical identity and consciousness. To take your focus away from the external world of people, things, places, schedules, etc. And to put it on the inner world of energy, vibration, frequency and consciousness.

Joe’s research shows that when you do that, you are encouraging different parts of your brain to work together in harmony. Your heart and your brain become more coherent. Your autonomic nervous system is activated and is able to restore order and balance and bring wholeness to your heart, brain, body and energy field.

Before you get into it, you’ll need to do a little advance preparation. Think about a potential experience you’d like to bring into your reality. Do you want to improve a specific health condition? Create a new financial situation? Improve or manifest a new relationship? It could be anything you can possibly imagine.

Once you have this experience in your mind, pick a capital letter to represent this idea and write this letter on a piece of paper. Writing it down solidifies this idea and your intention to create it. Then draw two squiggly circles around the letter. These circles represent the electromagnetic field that you’re going to tap into to manifest this.

Now clarify and write down 3 or 4 more specifics about what this experience looks like for you. The only thing off-limits here is a time frame.

Once you have those details, add the emotions you’ll feel once this experience comes into your reality. Grateful is my favorite and the most powerful. You could also include excited, joyful, energized, relaxed, enthusiastic.

These emotions are what carries your intent into the field and attracts it into your world. Once you’ve done this, you’re ready to go.

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