5. (S1E5) Personal Development is Lame with Caren Cooper

Today I’m talking with Caren Cooper about conformity, losing your identity, letting fear drive your decisions, and self-sabotage.  

Caren and I met through LinkedIn. I saw a comment she made on someone else’s post and thought, I bet she has a story to share about moving from Fine to Fantastic. So I messaged her, we chatted, and here we are.  

Caren was taught to conform, sit-down and shut up. So she did, for her first 50 years. Going to college, working in corporate America, and raising her children – doing what she was “supposed” to do. And everything was, eh, pretty much, fine.  

She shares what she discovered about living in victim-mode and always finishing the “what if” question with something negative. And when life – ironically – got easier.  

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Caren’s hype song is Stayin’ Alive by the Bee Gees: https://youtu.be/I_izvAbhExY

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