85. (S3E11) From Dead to Thriving: The Healing Power of Breathwork with Leland Holgate Sr.

Are you looking for a new way to recharge and reset your mind and body? If so, you don’t want to miss my latest episode of “Fine is a 4-Letter Word” featuring Leland Holgate Sr., founder of The Willful Warrior. Leland is a former quadriplegic who turned to breathwork and meditation to heal his body and mind, and now he’s sharing his unique approach with others.

During our conversation, Leland explained the science behind his breathwork program, and how it can help you alkalize your body, activate healthy genes, and rewire your brain. We also talked about the importance of shifting your inner world to change your outer world, and how practicing breathwork can be a powerful tool for achieving this.

Leland’s passion for helping others shines through in this episode, and I’m sure you’ll be fascinated by his story and his approach to wellness. Whether you’re new to breathwork or have been practicing for years, there’s something in this episode for you!

Leland’s hype song is Born For This by The Score


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  1. Rachel Pitts

    What an incredible story! I have just embarked upon a new journey in the amazing world of breathwork AND I love listening to stories of the mindsets of military minds. I’m so glad I found your podcast and Leland🙏🏻

    1. Lori Saitz

      Excited for your new adventure into this practice Rachel. Thank you for listening and then taking the time to comment!

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