81. (S3E7) Resilience in the Face of Adversity: A Dad’s Story of Overcoming Loss and Embracing Gratitude with Mike Fister

On this episode of ‘Fine is a Four Letter Word’, we have Mike Fister with us to talk about how he and his family have navigated through the difficult time of having two miscarriages within a short period of time and the power of presence and being open with kids about emotional experiences..

Mike and his wife were expecting their fourth child in June 2022 but sadly experienced a miscarriage. A few months later they found out they were pregnant again, but that pregnancy also ended in a miscarriage. Mike reveals how his current organization and leadership value family first, which allowed him to be present with his wife and family during their grieving process. Throughout this tragic and difficult year, Mike learned the importance of letting people help you and leaning into gratitude to find joy in the midst of pain. I hope listeners will be inspired by his resilience and courage.

Guest’s hype song is Gratitude by Brandon Lake

Website: seamless.ai

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/michaelfister

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