73. (S2E37) Steve Finds His Way Into the Studio

Is hell freezing over? After 30 years of talking about it, my college friend Steve and I have finally gotten into a studio together and recorded a show.

In the premiere of this new segment, which we’ll likely name “And That’s What Happened,” we get Steve’s equipment unboxed, meet Cal the cat, and hear about his adventure at Bass Pro Shops. We’re also talking World Cup and what it has to do with how Steve and I met.

Want to know what your fave college team is not doing if they’ve having a losing season? Steve has the answer.

It’s all fun and games here – and no one gets hurt!

Want to see the video recording? Head over to the ZenRabbitVideo channel on YouTube to watch.

Also, if you’d like to have more time to relax and reset every day, go grab your copy of the new guide, “5 Easy Ways to Start Living the Sabbatical Life” at ZenRabbit.com.

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