103. Summer Session 3: Unleash Your Joy with Carol Banens

For this week’s Summer Session, we’re kicking it back to January 2022 for the conversation with Carol Banens. She and I talked about grief and the grieving process, setting healthy boundaries, and expanding your awareness of the present moment.

Here’s what’s new with Carol since this episode published. She is now a certified grief to gratitude coach and a certified grief educator. She’s focused her grief coaching practice on working with widows and widowers. And she just this week published her first book of grief poems. It’s called “Kintsugi Your Heart: The Art Of Living With Grief” and is available on Amazon.

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Comes with five awesome meditations. And there’s a bunch of other #calmplimentary stuff – like mandala coloring pages, templates for writing gratitude notes, and 52 weeks of inspiring activities to maintain your chill throughout the year.

Because how many more days in a row do you want to say “Arg, today was a cluster-f*ck. Tomorrow will be better?”

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Carol’s hype song is Bill Withers: Lovely Day


Learn more at: https://www.carolbanens.com

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We mentioned the Abraham Hicks Emotional Guidance Scale

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