142. The F*ck Yes Formula for Energizing Your Life: A Special Episode with Lori

Today’s solo episode is about ENERGY!

When you look it up, Energy is defined as the capacity or ability to do work.

I’d expand it to include the capacity or ability to have fun too.

If you have no energy, you’re not going to be getting any work done or having any fun.

“Fine” is not fun – it’s a 4-Letter Word!

Tune in now as we cover three key areas:

1) Figuring out your values and why they matter

2) Finding your energetic home and what’s important about that

3) Why it’s essential to honor what’s not a F*CK YES for you!

Thank you for being part of what we do.

I love you, our listeners, and I appreciate that you’ve said F*ck Yes to listening to Fine is a 4-Letter Word!


Invitation from Lori:

If, like me, you find yourself ready to get energized and enjoy what life has to offer that, up until now, you may not have known existed, the 5 Easy Ways to Start Living The Sabbatical Life guide is your roadmap.

Once you read it, you’ll

✅ Discover a counter-intuitive approach to making intentional changes in mindset and lifestyle.

✅ Learn how to own your feelings and your struggles so you can address them.

✅ Find out how to face fears, step out of your comfort zone, and rewire your beliefs.

It’s only 7 pages, so it won’t take you long to get through. If you find yourself feeling stuck or stagnant, this could be the energetic catalyst you need to find what you truly need make this an amazing life.

When you’re ready to say F*ck Being Fine, this guide is the place to start. It’s time to look beyond where you are now so you can get to where you are destined to go.

Go to https://zenrabbit.com right now to download it for free.

Now let’s get pumped up with energy and create a new F*ck Yes for ourselves!

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