Tolerations Suck Up All Your Energy

drawing of a light bulb

How long has that light in the kitchen been out?

But you haven’t replaced it because you have to pull out the ladder to get up there and see what the wattage is so you can go buy a new one.

Then you have to remember to stop at Home Depot or Lowes or wherever to get it.

In the meantime, the other three are working, so it’s ok.

Months go by and every time you flip the switch, you remember you need to replace that one bulb.

It’s irritating, but not urgent.

You tolerate it.

What else are you putting up with?

A long-time client who doesn’t pay on time?

A contractor who continually misses deadlines but you don’t have anyone else to do the work?

All these tolerations are the ultimate example of you saying everything’s FINE.


Each and every one of these annoyances, from the squeaky door to your poor eating habits to your underperforming business, drains your energy.

And each one you fix, bolsters your power.

BTW, we talked about this in the last session of the F*ck Being Fine program earlier this week.

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