Your Brain, Rewired

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During the Truth About High Performers and Hard Work workshop I delivered for Team Argenta recently, we talked about how social media goes beyond simply being an annoying distraction.

It’s actually dangerous. Not only for those prone to homicidal rampages. To everyone, including you.

Have you ever seen a movie where people’s brains and memories are manipulated to change their programming? Think Inception or Dark City.

Welcome to the real world, my friend. That’s exactly what’s happening right now.

The Social Dilemma

The Social Dilemma is a 2020 Netflix documentary/drama is about how social media came to be what it is and how it’s affecting our society.

Have you watched it?

It’s absolutely shocking. The extent of deliberate effort to affect and control your thoughts – and consequently your behavior – is terrifying.

And despite telling yourself you haven’t been affected (or at least not that much), you have. We all have.

Your brain has been programmed without your conscious consent.

Need an example?

How long can you go without looking at your phone? And don’t fool yourself by saying you have to, for work purposes.

The tech companies have built addiction into the design. Many of them exploit the human desire for dopamine hits by using positive intermittent reinforcement. So, every time you hear a ding or see something pop up on your phone, you reach to check it because your dopamine reward system is activated.

When you are in this distracted state, your mind is more open to messaging and advertising. You are not in control of your attention; they are. You lose your ability to concentrate and lost track of time. Researchers call it “distraction sickness.”  

Pay Attention!

You want to take back control of your own mind?

Start paying attention to what you’re paying attention to.

Find ways to rewire your brain so that it serves YOU in the way you want.

Yes, it’s possible.

Yes, it’s easy enough.

And yes, it takes intentional effort.

The question is ARE YOU WILLING?

⏩ Read and listen to books, articles, podcasts, etc that fuel your soul. 

⏩ Get out in nature (without your phone).

⏩ Meditate, journal, draw.

Speaking of meditation, here are links to three of them for finding calm, sending loving kindness, or releasing anxiety.

You can also check out the F*ck Being Fine program to get one on one help with taking back your mind, clearing the chaos and finding calm no matter what.  

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